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Hierarchy, Schema

An adjective used to modify a category label, attribute labe

Data Governance

A collection of facts consisting of numbers, symbols, words,

Data Governance

Tools used to limit access to users within the PIM system.

Data Governance

The process of identifying, eliminating, and improving bad d

Data Governance

A user responsible for maintaining the databases and softwar

Data Governance

The process of improving the quality of data either manually


A selection of input types which describe how a user inputs

Data Governance

The process of entering values into the schema of an individ

Data Governance

The management of access, integrity, security, and consisten

Data Governance

A visual representation of the separation of powers in a dat

Data Governance

A document that an organization uses to establish guidelines

Data Governance

A group of executives responsible for advising data governan

Data Governance

A group of individuals responsible for setting goals, establ

Data Governance

A unit of focus within the data governance framework that us

Data Governance

A description of actions required to ensure that data adhere

Data Governance

A guideline that expresses a goal of the data governance for


A repository of data stored in an original format. The data

Data Governance

The ongoing management and verification of data in a system


A published overview of the industry standard practices and


A process to find records referring to the same entity acros

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