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Web Design

An attribute used in conjunction with other attributes and c

Web Design

A technique of refining displayed results using facets on an

Web Design

A small icon used to represent a web page within a graphical

Web Design

A communication protocol enabling a client to upload to, dow


1. An element of a query that narrows results.
2. To perform

Methodology, Process

A process that may leverage a taxonomy in order to track the

Web Design, Marketing

A measure of how quickly users can find a product or piece o

Web Design

A form of web page layout that fixes the width to a number o

Web Design

A point on a web page where the bottom of the internet brows

Web Design

The specific size, weight, style, and typeface of text displ

Web Design

The height of the text characters displayed on web pages or

Web Design

A banner spanning at the bottom of a website often including

Data Modeling

A foreign key is a field that exists within one relational d

Technology, Web Design

A feature of a web page or application where a user enters d

Technology, Web Design

Information that is entered into a system by filling out the

A method of displaying fractions used in Word and on many we

Information Architecture

A customer-facing interface that displays product data.



A process involving an automated script that systematically

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