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Agile Development

Agile Approach



/ˈæʤəl dɪˈvɛləpmənt/



A project management methodology with a focus on adaptability to changing demands by breaking work elements into one to three week sprints, reflecting the pace of modern business.

Agile Development relies on short working sprints of one to three weeks, during which requirements are defined, developed, tested, and debugged. Expectations for a second sprint are set during the first sprint, and then adjusted before the next sprint begins. The results are usable builds that improve on each iteration. This contrasts to the generally slower waterfall model, in which an entire project is developed in stages without usable builds. By the time a waterfall finishes the requirements may have changed so much that the project does not fulfill them anymore, whereas agile development can adapt. The agile approach initially took form in software development but applies to modern business project management as well, and can be leveraged in PIM implementation and taxonomy development where requirements often shift rapidly.



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