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Data Governance Charter



/ˈdeɪtə ˈgʌvərnəns ˈʧɑrtər/



A document that an organization uses to establish guidelines and scope of a project when managing a data entity.

The data governance charter is an important piece of data governance because it allows users to reference decisions that have already been made about a data project and implement new data to match those guidelines. The charter is a living document that can be updated as the requirements of the organization change. Within the charter the following types of information are often found:
Direction - High level understanding of what data governance policies can accomplish if practiced by all relevant parties in an organization.
Scope - The relevant data entitles that will follow the data governance policies.
Objectives - The specific goals for the data that can be achieved if data governance is maintained.
Membership - The persons involved in deciding and maintaining data governance.
Responsibilities - The roles and duties of each member of the data governance team.


Data Governance

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