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Image File Type



/ˈɪməʤ faɪl taɪp/



The format specification for digital image files.

There are 5 main files types that are used to store images: 1) Tagged Image File Format (TIFF, .tif) are large, uncompressed files containing image detail and are commonly used in photo editing software. 2) Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG, .jpg) are compressed files sacrificing image detail for more storage and quicker loading on web pages. 3) Graphics Interchange Format (GIF, .gif) is a compressed file format with no loss in detail but a limited number of colors available to the file, also useful for animated images. 4) Portable Network Graphics (PNG, .png) is similar to GIF but with more compression and a full range of colors. PNG is best used for images containing graphics, as well as text, and commonly used for screenshots. 5) Raw image file is an uncompressed image created when a digital camera takes a picture.



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