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Implied Modifiers



/ɪmˈplaɪd ˈmɑdəˌfaɪərz/



An ordering of words which intentionally or unintentionally carries the meaning of an adjective or phrase across multiple words.

An example of an Implied Modifier is the category label [Guide Tubes & Chucks]. "Guide" could apply to tubes and the category could also include all chucks, or the adjective could apply to both, excluding general chucks while including guide chucks. Sometimes this can be useful in category labeling, such as combining [Phone Cords & Chargers], in which both cords and chargers are for phones. However, other times it can be misleading, such as in [Whiteboard Cleaners & Erasers]. If that category is meant to house all erasers, such as pen erasers and chalkboard erasers, it is better renamed [Erasers & Whiteboard Cleaners] to avoid the implied modifier.


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