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List of Values

Choice List, Pick List



/lɪst ʌv ˈvæljuz/




A collection of all the values that are used, or allowed to be used, for a certain attribute.

If there are fifty items and for the attribute <Color>, 10 have a value of {Red}, 20 have a value of {Blue}, 19 have a value of {Silver} and one has a value of {Lime Green}, the List of Values is Red, Blue, Silver, Lime Green. If the List of Values is Open, any other color can be added for the fifty-first item. However, if the List of Values is Restricted, no values that are not on the list can be entered. If the fifty-first item is gold, then that value could not be accurately entered in for that item. However, if the list of values is open, inaccurate data such as "N/A" "gold" or "42" might be entered instead, decreasing data quality.



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