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Miscellaneous Categories



/ˌmɪsəˈleɪniəs ˈkætəˌgɔriz/



A grouping of skus without much in common that do not fit in any other section of the hierarchy.

Miscellaneous Categories are usually created for items that have no home or to prevent over granularization. For example, a category of [Candy] could have child categories of [truffles] with 100 items, [candy bars] with 200 items, and [Miscellaneous Candies] with 4 lollipops, 2 packets of nerds, and a chocolate egg. Miscellaneous categories are tempting but can cause confusion as to where items belong, acting as a catch-all bucket which could attract items belonging elsewhere in the hierarchy. Different phrasing like “Specialty Cookware," "Other Power Tools," or "Custom Appliances" might help to mitigate issues with this kind of category.



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