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Parallel Migration

Shadow Migration

n., v.


/ˈpɛrəˌlɛl maɪˈgreɪʃən/



1. A type of data migration in which the old system continues to be updated and used while the new PIM system is set up and tested until perfect and ready for use.
2. The process of moving and maintaining data to the new PIM system while remaining to use the old system until the new system is ready for use.

With parallel migration, both the new and old system are maintained while data is imported to the new system and brought up to speed. When all issues are resolved and the new PIM system is working smoothly, it will replace the old system. This is the least risky way to migrate data, but it can be more costly. In addition, there is a risk that inertia will lead to the business maintaining both systems for long stretches of time. For these reasons, it can be the least favorable form of data migration.



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