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Product Information Management

product data management (PDM)
product content management (PCM) - primarily UK/France
product master data management (product MDM)



/ˈprɑdəkt ˌɪnfərˈmeɪʃən ˈmænəʤmənt/




A software tool that allows an organization to maintain and access their product data in a centralized location.

An organization can have many sources of product information such as vendors and buyers, as well as access points for users, in the form of catalogs, websites, mobile platforms, and brick-and-mortar stores. Storing product data in a single place streamlines the processes that gathers this data, analyzes it, and harnesses it to sell the products to consumers. Product Information Management (PIM) systems handle the technical characteristics of the products, such as their dimensions, weight, colors, and material, using these attributes to organize the products and improve accessibility. They can also store marketing information, such as descriptions, romance copy, and images or video of the product. PIM systems can be used on the warehouse side as well, tracking logistical identifiers regarding warehouse location, necessary storage conditions, and quantity of items per case. Having all this information managed at one location streamlines updating and correcting products across all platforms and guarantees a reliable set of data that can be analyzed and used to run financial reports.


Technology, Process

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