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Relational Database Management System



/riˈleɪʃənəl ˈdeɪtəˌbeɪs ˈmænəʤmənt ˈsɪstəm/




A method of storing and presenting information in tables which are structured and queried using a formal logic system.

Relational Database Management Systems are based on a mathematical model known as a relation model, which uses two-valued predicate logic that states the answer to any query is true or false. In this context, relation is an abstract term which refers to a table and the data within it. In the relational model, columns are called attributes and rows are called tuples. Within Relational Database Management Systems, information stored in smaller tables with each other using keys to link them together. SQL is the most common query language used in commercial RDBMS databases and has been pushed as the standard. Most databases in use today are Relational Database Management Systems, however NoSQL storage systems are becoming more popular.



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