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Search Interface



/sɜrʧ ˈɪntərˌfeɪs/



The means by which end users are able to look for items and information on websites, systems, or applications.

To the user, the Search Interface may appear deceptively simple, appearing to be a box in which any words or phrases can be typed. More complicated Search Interfaces might alert users to options such as searching for partial matches, searching multiple properties at once, or specifying the number of search results. Refinements to the Search Interface display and results page can improve ease of navigation for a customer. User Interface designers might include features that create a preview of the information for each search option, group different types of results like videos or songs together, or allow users to reorder results based on "relevance," "price," "popular," or "new." Potential Customers often use Search Interfaces to look for products, both within websites and through Search Engines. It is therefore important to make the Search Interface an intuitive yet refinable experience for the customer so that they can easily see what products a company has to offer.


Web Design, Technology

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