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Shadow Information Technology

Stealth IT, Client IT


/ˈʃæˌdoʊ ˌɪnfərˈmeɪʃən tɛkˈnɑləʤi/



1. Information Technology systems or solutions written or used inside organizations informally without explicit permission, such as a script, an unapproved email, or a USB flash drive.

2. Solutions to technical problems which were not made by the IT department but instead implemented by another department.

Shadow IT work is often done to speed up tasks and remove minor hassles with existing processes. Though it could potentially be a source of innovation, there are many potential risks. Shadow IT solutions could have different methodologies or not line up with the company's standards and best practices. Over time, this could lead to inconsistencies with any data produced by such a solution. In addition, a Shadow IT fix might unknowingly lead to leaked confidential data.



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