Product Data

We are US based experts in product data transformations including:

  • information architecture

  • taxonomy design & implementation

  • ecommerce optimization

  • training & data governance



IDA enables complex data transformations while maintaining consensus among stakeholders.

  • PIM & ecommerce strategy

  • product data management

  • taxonomy development

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Founded in 2010, IDA is a product data services firm with expertise in Product Information Management (PIM), SEO and ecommerce optimization. 

IDA helps clients leverage new technologies and drive ecommerce performance metrics using proven data optimization methodologies.

Our team includes Project Managers, Data Architects, Taxonomists, Data Analysts and Software Developers working toward a common goal of exceptional client outcomes.




Eli specializes in PIM and ecommerce product information for manufacturers, distributors and retailers managing large product catalogs. For 20 years he has been working with clients to design and implement ecommerce and PIM data solutions, including hierarchy design, schema development, data enrichment, software development, training and data governance. Eli has a BA in Mathematics from Northwestern University and an MA in Financial Engineering from University of Chicago. You can find him running and volunteering on weekends.


Director of Services

Mason has studied product taxonomy from the ground up, and seen projects through from data model to PIM go live. As a taxonomist, he has been based in Chicago, Boston and Mumbai and led teams to success on key data initiatives for clients ranging from mid-sized to Fortune 100. Prior to joining IDA, Mason worked as a whistleblower protection attorney and knows what it means to fight for his client’s success. He earned his BA in Art History from Miami University and a Law Degree from DePaul University, and is licensed to practice law in Illinois. When not pushing projects forward, he is an avid hiker, baker and ceramicist.


Director of Operations

Erika has three years of experience helping Fortune 1000 manufacturers and distributors with PIM onboarding, taxonomy management and product description copy editing. She graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Psychology and University of Indianapolis with an MBA. When she’s not helping clients with data optimization, she spends time tending to her house plants and vegetable garden.


Senior Software Developer

Ryan leads development and database administration for IDA clients, and is a key contributor to application development. He graduated from DePaul University with a degree in English Literature and is a self-taught programmer proficient in JavaScript, Ruby, Python and C#. He has three dogs and does 3D model printing in his free time.


Product Taxonomist

Brendan has been a Product Taxonomist with IDA since 2018, designing master attribution hierarchies, display hierarchies and schema for clients spanning the industrial, chemical, electrical and retail sectors. He enjoys leveraging tools and analytics, such as hierarchy user testing to evaluate and improve findability. Brendan graduated from the University of Chicago with a BA in Biology and remained working in the Research Psychology and Neuroscience department for eight years, bringing a strong understanding of laboratory science to the IDA team. He spends his free time jogging through the parks of Chicago alongside his hound dog, Ketchup.


Senior Data Analyst

Paul has three years of experience as a product data analyst working with industrial manufacturers and distributors to improve their taxonomy and schema design. He brings deep expertise in manufacturing, construction and communications products to the IDA team, as well as experience in translation services. When he’s not building hierarchies, he enjoys restoring and driving vintage sports cars and motorcycles.



Data Analyst


Senior Data Analyst

Visual Designer

Alex creates illustrations and documents to complement IDA’s work on product taxonomy and data normalization. He brings seven years of experience working with industrial clients to produce technical and educational materials, as well as an MFA from Washington University in St. Louis. Alex enjoys spending his time outside of work testing new recipes and visiting museums.


Senior Software Developer

Ty has supported taxonomy management, schema normalization and onboarding projects as a senior developer for IDA since 2012. As a lead developer and DBA, he works to improve and streamline product data workflows for clients. In his time away from data management, Ty is busy repairing gadgets, honing his juggling skills and being a dad.


Product Taxonomist

Robin designs, builds and optimizes taxonomy and schema for Fortune 1000 clients enabling transformational data governance capabilities. As an IDA taxonomist, she brings six years of experience analyzing data to help achieve goals. She has a strategic, analytical approach and an eye for systems improvements, which she developed while previously working in the chaotic environments of elementary school classrooms and election campaigns. She studied Literature at the University of Chicago. Outside of work, she enjoys reading and cycling.

Karl works with manufacturers and retailers designing hierarchies and product attribute schemas. He also has experience with ecommerce data quality assurance and conversion optimization. Karl graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Economics and Political Science. When not at work, you can find him exploring the hills and mountains of Tennessee or developing minimal competence on various musical instruments.

Dominic has worked with manufacturing and distribution clients to drive data performance and implement data management solutions, including data modeling, product taxonomy and schema optimization. He also has experience optimizing ecommerce content, including product relationships, feature copy and search content. He holds a bachelor's degree in Classical Studies and Economics from Wesleyan University and is working on his Master's in Data Science at Northwestern University. Outside of work, Dominic enjoys running and playing classical guitar.


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